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Asado de Despedida

Las fotos del asado de despedida que tuvimos Pacho y yo en Bogotá antes de partir. No logré capturar las últimas horas de la fiesta y el desorden pero…algo es algo y lo mas importante es que se paso BUENO! Here are some pics from a Goodbye-BBQ we had a week before leaving Bogotá. It …


Rudolf! PaperMama Photo Contest

So, my first time participating in a  Photo contest! This is Rudolf, the coolest and cutest bunny ever! He was the best company possible but sadly passed away a few month ago after making me smile for 3 years!


Sunday: no work tommorow!

It’s the first Sunday in a while I’m not thinking “damn it….I have to work tommorow!” It feels weird and great…yet I´m a little worried about what I’ll be doing these upcomming months. I’m in a better mood today, specially with Mr. P but still feeling a bit down. I woke up, laid in bed …