Asado de Despedida

Las fotos del asado de despedida que tuvimos Pacho y yo en Bogotá antes de partir. No logré capturar las últimas horas de la fiesta y el desorden pero…algo es algo y lo mas importante es que se paso BUENO!

Here are some pics from a Goodbye-BBQ we had a week before leaving Bogotá. It was a great party, especially because I had the opportunity to see friends I hadn’t seen in a while and really enjoy every minute of the afternoon/night with people I care about. Now, looking back, I remember what a terrible morning I had that day…it was simply awful and I was incredibly angry (I even sort of blacked out where I put my stupid phone at one point ant literally lost it somewhere between the moving boxes in my apartment for days). But, although I started the day terribly wrong it’s great to see how things improved and a reminder that there is no point to being angry over stupid little things because at the end of the day its all about sharing and enjoying the time we have. 

I’m not adding any captions tonight because it’s almost midnight and I need to get up early for work tommorow.


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