Ella lo es todo

I wrote this last week in a tent in the middle of the jungle surrounded by all the sounds of nature. I wasn’t planning on sharing but after today’s class with @elamareyoga The words resonate with me even more and I chose to share them with the world.    I look at her and find her perfect. Her light brown hair, kissed by the sun, matches her hazel eyes. They sparkle with specks of green when the oceans reflection hits them at the right moment. The wrinkles between her eyes are light, caused from years of focusing. Focusing hard on those things she wishes she could change but can’t. Focusing hard on those feelings she can’t destroy. Focusing hard in others but herself. Her smile can light up the room, with a small-barely-there dimple you’ll be lucky to catch. Her voice is strong and loud, an appearance she plays well to. But I have been lucky to meet her and see behind that smile. I know her secrets and her pain. I’ve learned to read the anguish in her ...

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