Why I write

In the past days a few people have commented on my writing. Either making a joke, a compliment or simply asking ‘what’s up with all the writing?’ I can go on without writing for weeks, but then there are moments -like this particular Sunday morning- where words just pour from my fingertips. When my mind is tired of hearing itself so it needs to be splattered on a piece of paper or screen. I really began writing when I traveled to South Africa in 2012. I promised myself I would write every day I was on the trip. There were days I didn’t write but then I made it all up and sat down and wrote for hours about the days I had “skipped” and it was the best decision ever. Now, I can go back on my blog and read about absolutely every day of that three-month trip. Reading the post’s I can go back in my mind and remember exactly the scene, the feeling, the moment and it’s a great gift I have made for myself. After that trip, and for a few years, I tried more than once to force ...

Últimas entradas

Mis viajes, aventuras, pensamientos y opinión...siempre cambiantes pero cada palabra del corazón.

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