A Pause on the Path / Una Pausa en el Camino

“A pause on the path” This is me. I am 29. I have two passports but belong no where and everywhere. I have a big nose and a few new found wrinkles. I live life with an open heart, vulnerable, exposed, honest. Although it might be a little too much at times for others, although it might bring me pain, it is who I am. I do not have all the answers, but I am constantly asking new questions. I have a thirst for life, for giving, for caring, for doing, for changing. I am strong and weak, I am outgoing and lonely, I am movement, I am an ocean of emotions and gifts. I am thankful. I’m a work in progress. I am enthusiasm and procrastination, smiles and tears. I am the smell of the sea and the rain of the tropics, uncontrollable and soothing. This is me. Today. Now. “una pausa en el camino” Esta soy yo. Tengo 29 años. Tengo dos pasaportes pero no pertenezco a un solo lugar y a la vez pertenezco en todas partes. Tengo una nariz grande y un par de arrugas recién encontradas. Vivo ...

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