One of those days

Today was one of those days. The kind where doubts, fears and insecurities cloud your thinking. When you talk to yourself poorly, telling yourself things you would never tell a friend…and yet you tell them to yourself. The most important person. I like to keep busy. Very busy. All the time. Working, training, meeting people, going to dinner, making up plans to have something to do, anything but staying alone or still. Well, today was a national holiday so there was nothing really “to do.” I woke up late, enjoying the ‘freedom’ of not having anything to do and staying in PJ’s until late. Watched an episode of a new show im watching, cleaned the bathroom, washed some clothes, packed and re packed my stuff…and then had nothing to do. So, I went to a café to download more episodes and try to do some things I’ve been telling myself to do on the computer for a while. And so, without anything that I had to be doing, my head started beating myself up. Slowly I found myself going into a ...

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