Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds us. -Deepak Chopra’s 21 day of abundance meditation. Day 1. 


I hear the crickets all around me, the frogs that croaked all night, the birds chirping as they fly by. I feel the fresh morning breeze, humid and cool making my hair strands brush against my face. I feel the flies bashfully standing on my knees. I see the beauty of Agung, sans clouds today, standing in all its might facing the rising sun, unscathed from its years of having lava slide down its side. I’m amazed at nature and how quickly it healed. I feel an abundance of friendships, of love, and care. I feel fortunate despite my work stress (even though it feels strange to say it.)I feel grateful for another morning in Bali, for waking up to the sunrise and moving my body and soul. I am ready to see, feel and receive all the abundance that surrounds me, an abundance of light, love, wealth, peace and serenity.



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