Loving: Life. I feel so much support from my family, Mr. P and friends that it makes me feel so happy. I feel great now, having a new goal and something to look forward to makes me feel focused and content.

Reading: Maria Antonieta. I love history, biographies, and specially when they’re about queens and royalty…it’s fascinating! This particular book is not written like a novel, which I’m more used to reading, but it still manages to grab my attention, learning about how life was during that time. 

Watching: Lots of movies! No shows recently, they’re all in their mid-year break which sucks because I have nothing to watch! Watched Madagascar 3 last night and thought it was hilarious, I want to watch it again this time in English to see how it is. The night before that, the new Tim Burton movie…Shadow something? It was a lot funnier than I expected and loved going to the movies with 2 of my college friends, one of them was the “weird, laughing-too-loud guy” which made the whole movie just extra funnier. 

Anticipating: My trip to Africa. It’s still a few months away but I’m very excited about it. Also, saying goodbye to Mr.P..but that’s not good anticipation, I know it’s going to be something incredibly hard to do and am dreading it completely, I haven’t been apart from him almost since we started dating so it’s something I’m very scared about really.

Listening to: Absolutely nothing…did have a week of Bruno Mars intensity.

Planning: My trip to South Africa! What to take, buying tickets, medical insurance, everything!

Working on: thinking about NOW and TODAY, not fill my head with plans for months ahead. Basically, selling and giving away everything I own in the next 20 days!

Wishing: I were more disciplined and did things I know I need to do ASAP instead of googling the hours away  (and amazoning and ebaying..)

Thanks to Danielle from Sometimes Sweet for the post!


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