Last week

So, haven’t been on the blogsphere recently…it’s been crazy! Moving is awful…well, packing is awful! I  have been very late on my homework for my online course so I had to work hard on that for a few days but it was great, I had the opportunity to go to a dermatology center which treats patients with Hansen disease (Lepra). On the other hand, I’ve been busy trying to pack my whole damn apartment. In the course of 3.5 years the amount of STUFF i’ve accumulated is ridiculous. Thankfully my aunts came over today and saved me, in like an hour and a half they were able to do what I couldn’t do in 2 days, im gonna say its because of experience.
I still haven’t sold everything, my bed, table stand, washing machine, microwave, and green cupboard are still all for sale. I have NO idea where I’ll put my bed if I can’t sell it in the next…2 days.

Mr. P and I are finally realizing that the day is very close…so every day is more filled with hugs and pauses where we just hold each other and tell each other how much we’ll miss this. I love the hugs…lots and lots of hugs each day šŸ™‚ Every night we cuddle closer (Marti included) and just hold each other long and tight, taking in every possible moment…I know i’m gonna miss that the most.

On saturday we had a goodbye lunch/party, it was lots of fun and it was great seeing my college friends and hanging out. Mr. P got amazingly drunk thanks to his friends mischievous plan. I realized that men dont change 15 or 30 they have just as much fun trying to shave someones leg. In this case, after a lot of struggling and fighting they shaved a bit of Mr. P’s leg, but it didn’t happen easily, it came with a bloody lip and everything! I’ll post pics sometime soon.

Time to say goodnight for now, Mr. P has to get up in like 5 hours to do some errands and the light won’t let him sleep, plus I’m incredibly tired as well…packing is exhausting!


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