A little midnight ramble…

Six years ago today I went to bed like any other day, not expecting that in less that 24h my world would be moved upside down and broken. I don’t remember anything too particular from that day, watched some funny videos with my brother on youtube, went to bed. No red flags, no warning, nop, nothing. Life is simply that, unexpected. No matter how ready you are for things, life will make sure to change your plans somehow,  by little changes or massive ones. 
A year ago I embarked on a very exciting and surprising journey in which I said goodbye to having this one day, this one event, affect me in a completely negative way and simply accept it as part of my path in life. I decided not to allow it define me anymore. A year ago today I was freaking out a little over the 9th of november, I didn’t want it to be a big deal. It still affected me, it was still a sad day and I cried when I heard my mom on the phone and thought about you so much. But, I didn’t want to let it define me and “ruin” my day. Hey, I was in the middle of the african bush, what I had to do was live it, and appreciate every second of that day. I try to do that every day now…appreciate. Be grateful. For life is too short and too unexpected to be in angst, to feel bummed over silly things, to not be PRESENT. 
Take a moment, stop, and think about your like right this moment: About today, how you felt, what you did, what you said or didn’t get to say…are you happy with what you did? with who you are? where you’re going? 
I tried to make this a short post but I guess I’m just too good at rambling. Bottom line is, LIFE CHANGES. People change, cities change, time takes it toll every second and we have to be aware of it. Take advantage of time, enjoy the little things and be thankful for every passing day (even for the shitt days), tell those around you that you love them, live without regrets. 


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