Cali – day 1

1. I seriously need to get over my fear of flying. I used to LOVE getting on a plane, turbulence never scared me and I actually enjoyed those “free falls” that sometimes happen during flights. However, since my brother died I feel this great reaponsability to live. I CAN’T die and its not because of me but because I can’t bear that my parents live through that. It made airplanes a much more serious thing to deal with. A year and a half ago in december during a VERY bad rainy season I was flying back from Medellin with Mr.P and two friends. The flight was awful and completely traumatizing! It was the scariest 45min of my life and any minor turbulence now automatically brings tears into my eyes and a panic attack (i control them through respiration exerciaes). On wednesdays flight I think I even shouted at some point.
I really need to get over that fear, specially because I love traveling and will need to be on lots of planes in my life.

2. Went to the eye doctor today. I’m even blider than before! My right eye got worst, now in -8 and my left eye in -7.5. Tommorow I’m getting new glasses made.

3. Tommorow is my home made an personalized graduation ceremony! Becauase I won’t be attending my graduation ceremony we decides to have one here with my grandparents and family, rented toga and fake diploma included! I just love my family and our crazy ideas. Definitely will be posting some pics of the grand event this weekend.

4. My mom is flying to Bogota for the weekend. I know it was very last minute thing and they brought her for work but I’m still pissed about it. I get back tuesday and she leaves Sunday before that…I simply feel that I need her a lot right now and if I knew there was the slightest chance of her comming I would have moved my flight to Cali for some other date. I need my mom right now, I need to talk to her and hear her advice and have her help me pack house and close this whole stage of my life. I really don’t think she realizes….and I’m not the best at saying it either, I’ll try.

5. Goodnight! Long day of graduation planning tommorow!


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