If not now…when?

I’m back at the place where it all began. In May of 2017 I left home for a few weeks to explore South East Asia. I had a plan, it was clear. Little did I know that those few weeks would turn into almost two years. In March 2019 I left home again, this time knowing that there wasn’t a set plan for life, knowing that life has many turns and opportunities that you create.

It is the last week of March, the first trimester of the year is almost over…and it feels like it happened in the blink of an eye. I feel tired. I feel that I have been on the go for months. Yes, I was home and it was beautiful and great but it was hectic. Lots of work, many people to see, and the never ending feeling of it simply not being enough time to do everything I was supposed to. In these three months I have already been in seven countries and over three days of just being on a plane. Traveling is great and amazing but it can also wear you out, specially when you’re working two jobs while you’re at it. And I am forever grateful to be able to say traveling is a way of living for me at the moment. Do I miss stability? Yes, definitely. And I seek it…it just so happens that incredible opportunities show up and I choose to take them because, if not now then when?


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