Cali – Day 2 and 3

Today is my dad’s birthday! I really wish I could be with him today since I haven’t been there for his birthday in the past five years! My mom isn’t in Panama either but hes still having a good time, went golfing with budines and probably has dinner plans with friends. I hope he has a great day and I can’t wait to see him next month! These are a couple of old pics (2008) but I’m on my grandpas computer and were the best I could find. 

Me and dad!

Friday was hectic. I got new glasses, contacts and free sunglasses! (Plus, my grandmas old sunglasses which are crazy big); got my nails done and bought new shoes! Also bought a TON of food for the party that night which went great! Almost 30 people showed up, all my family came and my mom’s friends (who are like my 2nd parents) were also here. It was great feeling so much love and realizing I have such a great and big family. One of my great uncles gave a chute short speech and my grandparents awarded me with my diploma, it was special and significant and perfect. My cousin Isa made a video so as soon as I have it I’ll be sharing it here. Sadly no one took pictures, except me…so there are only like 2 pictures of me (both awful), not even recieving my diploma!

At around one we went out (all the cousins) to a salsa place. I love salsa but I get seriously intimidated when I see how everyone around me is amazingly good. I had a good time anyway, enjoyed watching people dance (yea, im one of those people who enjoy watching people…). Some of my cousins got wasted so that was…interesting. I really hate hangovers and I get awful hangovers (fainting included) so I rarely drink and yesterday wasn’t one of those drinking days, specially since it was aguardiente which I hate. 

Today has been pretty relax, woke up late-ish and tried to go get flip flops my mom had sent me but they never arrived so now I have to wait until Tuesday noon to get them and I leave Tuesday night, so its just stupid and I guess I have to go buy some flip flops today which I hate shopping for (I have freakishly skinny feet so sandals and flip flops are a pain in the ass to go shopping for). 

New glasees, have to wait 2 weeks to get them  though 🙁

New sunglasses, for free!

My grandma’s former sunglasses (now mine!)



Too cute not to photograph

One of the few pics of me, hate how I look but there aren’t any other!

Getting ready with Dani

My cousin Isa and her bf, Julian

Isa and me!

My cousins’ Vale, Daniela and her bf 

The drinkers of the night: Cousins Dani and Pedro with Julian
Last pic before make-up went off!


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