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Last night, while watching Game of Thrones finale.
The best foot warmer ever!

Alright, no deep and long post today about my emotional issues. I’m stealing this from my favorite blog out there (and the one that got me interested in finally writing one of my own) Sometimes Sweet.


Reading: Nothing sadly! Just finished work so I can finally get back to reading. I’m taking J.M Coetzee’s “Age of Iron” to Cali because I always find it easy to read there with my grandparents.

Watching: Nothing either, last night watched the season finale of Game of Thrones (seriously, zombies?! hate them!) and finished watching House so need to get hooked to something new although I want to get my focus off TV and more on reading. I am addicted to Parenthood but haven’t been able to download any new episodes so if I do manage to find a way to see them, i’ll be hooked for a day or two catching up.

Anticipating: Tonight! Flying to Cali to visit my grandparents, I love them so much and am extremely happy to seeing them. Plus, I know I have a looong conversation due with my grandma – she is the best and most annoying counselor because she is always right!

Laughing Smiling about: “You know what I’m the happiest about Peru? Knowing that you’re coming with me… you’re my support” -Mr. P.
It made my heart swell, he is my support and it felt great knowing that I am his. Sometimes I feel like an emotional burden with all my issues so knowing that I play an important role for him makes me feel great and like our relationship is more balanced.

Listening to: The Beatles, I will always love them! The first song I remember learning the lyrics to when I was about 5 was “Yellow Submarine”

Before this post I decided to do my nails, it was 45 min of extreme concentration and frustration. I think I’m never attempting to do that stupid french line again. Here is the result: Looks better in pictures


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