Dear Bali

Dear Bali,

I leave you with a wet bathing suit in my bag, a heart full of gratitude, a sense of accomplishment and the desire to see you again soon. With you, I have been shaken to the core quite literally and metaphorically.

In these past four months I have experienced so many more emotions and lessons than I could have ever imagined. I was forced to question myself, to face harsh realities about myself anf others, to realize my lack of self-love to then build myself up again. I’ve learned about forgiveness, about the dangers of creating expectations…I have meditated, I have gone deeper and deeper not only in the ocean but within myself. I have learned to give myself time, to listen to my body, and most importantly to trust my instinct.

I have sipped on countless coconuts, admired almost every sunset, enjoyed good food (I miss you already, tempeh!), I’ve had re-encounters with old friends and made new ones. I have laughed and cried, I have danced, I have hugged with intent and listened deeper to words and actions. I have learned to be present, to have patience – with others and with myself.

I feel there is so much more for me to experience with you and I know that my life will bring me back to your waters and mountains soon. I am thankful for your energy, for the good souls that walk here, for your infinite beauty and the transformation you constantly force unto those who decide to live here.

Thank you Bali. You have been the most amazing teacher. I leave stronger and better, with a few more scars and a bit of a tougher skin, but feeling whole and beautiful. I leave feeling I have clarity about my life, about what makes me happy and the path I want to take. But most of all I leave feeling grateful for the people I have met here, certain that our paths will intertwine somewhere some day.

Terima kasih!



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