Friday, back after being MIA

I’ve been MIA, enjoying my last days in Cali with my grandparents and then being a nurse here in Bogotá for my cousin who got eye surgery. I don’t like disappearing from the bloggosphere (not that anyone is actually reading this)  because I think its good for me to have a place to write down my days, feelings, dreams, anything!

Yesterday I went for my second psycotherapy session and it was great…lasted a lot more than the usual hour though. It’s very relieving to have a place and a person who you can be totally honest to about all the little things inside that cause so much confusion.
My parents were the main focus of yesterday…and me. Basically, I need to stop worrying so much about everyone around me (parents, cousins, grandparents, friends, even strangers!) and try to focus on me. On what I want, on what I need and be able to ask for things! It’s incredibly hard for me because I am aware of everyones issues and struggles so asking for something, anything (not material things only) is very hard because I hate feeling like a burdain or making anyone uncomfortable.

So, I wrote the text above a few hours ago and then got busy (doing nothing really) and only now finish this up.

The woman that cleans my apartments told me today how her husband hit her last night, and how this wasn’t the first time and she wanted to leave him. I have never known (probably do but don’t know it myself) anyone going through this so I didn’t really know what to say. I told her she was absolutely right in wanting to leave him, that she should do it not just for her but for her children who -even though he doesn’t hit them- will grow up seeing the way she is treated and will expect to be treated that way in the future. Sadly there are thousands of women going through abusive relationships in this country. There are weak and stupid men who feel macho by putting down the woman they are with and I believe this has to be stopped. It is vital that education about this issue is spread, not only for those who are already abused but for everyone in society to learn and understand that this needs to stop and what to do to help. There is no known hotline or support system here. I had absolutely no idea where to send her or with whom she could talk and only after talking to my psych did I learn that some universities offer this psychological aid for free.
A few weeks ago there was an awful case of violence towards a woman, she was brutally raped and tortured, eventually dying from her wounds. The subject of violence towards women gained importance, but there wasn’t anything substantial left from it. The public still doesn’t know, as I didn’t know what to do, where you can find help? Not only legally but emotionally and psychologically. With  the state being such a failure in the legal aspect of society and with the health system being in such a mess, I don’t understand where these women are supposed to turn to…I believe that help should be publicized to the masses, everyone should know where or who they can go to and to an entity that will respond and actually do something about it.


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