I’m boycotting movies

I hate movies right now. Not all…but most of them, the ones that have shaped our reality into something it is not – with super hot men and women without a single pimple or hair out of place, and with impossible realities of what love is. Movies make us create false expectations, get our hopes up for some beautiful romantic gesture where everything is solved and the credits come out and the story stays in eternal happiness. Right now I kind of wish I were in a movie, with the happy ending, where pain just vanishes with a beautiful scene with amazing lighting, good background music, a few magical lines and a tender kiss. But I’m not. And I won’t be. And it’s a crude awakening which I probably didn’t have to experience if movies hadn’t created this in my head. I guess movies are just the petrol for the engine of hope, It needs some fuel when reality looks so dark but I’m pretty sure movie-petrol has an expiration…just waiting for it to come.


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