Well, this is going to be my second attempt at blogging. Tried it for a bit when I finished school but wasn’t really into it, truth is I am now a blog addict and have found several blogs which I just love to read! Hopefully someone out in the blogsphere will enjoy reading mine.

I am currently in my last week of my internship, finally graduating with an undergrad in Anthropology from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. I am Colombian but grew up in Panamá and then in Argentina for a year. At the end of that year my 14 year old brother, Cris, died. It was completely unexpected and totally life changing event…everything after that, all my plans and goals, changed (and not really sure of them now).
Right now I have no clue where my life will take me, just about to finish college and have different options for the future but I’m completely uncertain about what to do…hopefully I can share my thoughts a little here and get some comments or advice, but mainly just let it all out and see what happens.

I’m guessing I will have a few recurrent “characters” in my posts so just a little summary.
  • Mr. P – my boyfriend, we’ve been together for approximately 3 ½ years and been living together for about a year and a half. He is 28, a lawyer and economist but works in consulting. Has an entrepreneurial spirit (which I greatly admire) and hopefully will soon launch his own company, in the meantime most likely moving to Lima, Peru to work with for multinational company!
  • Martina – My “baby”, a mutt someone picked up from the streets when she was just a month old and I took her in “for a while”, which ended up being forever! love her madly and you will definitely be seeing lots of pictures of her here!
  • Phillippe and Lola – my other two dogs, they live in Panama with my parents but I miss them like crazy! Phillippe is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is 18 years old, he is the best dog I have ever met! Lola is a Dalmatian mix I rescued from the shelter here in Bogotá, she is insanely hyper and LOVES to be petted 24/7 (also has a Chihuahua complex, even though she weighs 50 pounds).
  • Lu, Bou, Lucho, Maca, Casas, Maya, Grampa, Eleonora (AKA “El Parche”) – bunch of friends, we usually all hangout together, sunday night movie plans are common 🙂 
  • Dani – my cousin who lives in Florida, she gets here next Monday for a month so I’m guessing she’ll be in many of the first posts-
  • Tita & Tito – my grandma and grandpa, they are the best grandparents you could ever wish for! Can’t wait to see them soon and tell you all about them.
  • Viky and Maria– my best friends from high school, one is in Sweden and one in Boston so its all WhatsApp chats but we have a great time together! HHFB!
  • Nando, Jimmy, Juli, Chaves – My college buddies, we’re almost finished with this stage of life so hopefully I’ll be hanging out with them lots before graduation in August.


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