Jane Goodall is my rockstar

Up until today I thought EVERYONE knew who Jane Goodall was. Apparently, I was wrong seeing as everyone I told I was going to a Jane Goodall talk that night had no idea who she was. I shared this concern to my mom and she reassured me that I was the weird one, and that no…she isn’t up there with The Beatles for everyone. Because yes, today seeing Dr. Goodall felt the same as the day I went to see Paul McCartney in concert. Some people might think I’m insane or even offended by that comment but its the truth…to me, Jane Goodall is a freaking rock star.
I had completely disconnected myself from how much her story amazed me at such a young age and I am pretty damn sure it stayed in my head and became a part of who I am today. My mom clearly remembers the day I got home with a library book extremely excited telling her about how this woman had gone into the jungle to live and learn about chimps. See…the thing about Jane Goodall, to me, wasn’t about what she discovered in her investigations – it was about her. This woman broke the rules, she redefined the way we see animals and the way we practice science. She went at the age of 23, without a college degree, into Africa, to learn about chimps. She was a dreamer, but didn’t stay dreaming…she did it. She freaking lived it! Even more amazing, after achieving her life long dream, she realized that it wasn’t all about HER dream or what she loved doing, but that she could help others and that her story and her life could give HOPE to those around her. In the past decades her organization has focused on the youth, on giving them support and maintaining that hope for humanity alive. I have said many times I have lost my faith in humanity, that’s why I like animals so much better…it’s a very sad thing to say and feel but just turning on the TV or reading a newspaper would confirm that phrase. However, there are moments, there are people I have met, and today was a reminder of those…there are people that aren’t bad. There are some that haven’t given up, that think of solutions and go out there and make the changes they want to see happen.
(I’m still sticking to animals though).
Anywho, this might just be a bunch of jibbery talk from a very excited person…but if you have read this far, just take a couple of minutes and read up on Jane Goodall’s life, her goals, her achievements, that sense of tranquility that she manages to irradiate. Maybe you’ll understand me a little better because I think I just unlocked a piece of the puzzle in the “who am i?” game.

Have a goodnight, I’m going to bed happy and I hope you are too.


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