Just one of those days…

You know those days? Yea, those days when you think the world has got to be playing a trick on you? I mean, one of those days when you wake up completely anaware of the shittstorm your about to face. There should be a warning of some kind or something!
Today was one of those days…For those who don’t know I’m working as a teacher aid in a 2nd grade class, my responsability is to focus mainly on one child. Today, no teacher…substitute. I don’t know what it is about not having their homeroom teacher but kids go CRAZY when this happens. I mean, their volumen and pitch doubles, their energy level skyrockets and their attention span…well, a mouse can probably focus for longer. It was, overall, a hard day at work, feeling defeated and making me question myself about what I’m doing with life.
I had some frozen yogurt after my extra-long work day (1.5 extra hours) to try to make myself feel better. It helped. I had a vainilla frozen yogurt with frozen blueberries and raspberries and I added some healthy chocolate snack thingy I had leftover. It was good. I thought things were better. Wrong.
Cramps. Yes, cramps…bad ones. I’m just glad they got me when I was finished working because I would have probably ended up having some crazy angry and painful meltdown in front of a whole bunch of 8 year olds if not. So, there I am…after enjoying my frozen yogurt, breathing out the cramps.
Go buy some stuff for my dad…its all good. Then go get some tickets for my mom. Its all NOT good. I buy the $110 instead of the $40. To my defense, I had NO idea I was supposed to buy the $40 and had bought another set of extra tickets a few days before from the more expensive section. Shitt. No turning them back. Screwed.
Also, the genius fellow who sells you these tickets now informs you that if you want to sit together you have to buy tickets “H 58, J 58, K 58” and not “H 58, 59, 60”. Thank you for telling me this TODAY Mr! After I bought three tickets from you a few days ago and you said NOTHING. So, for the show, me and my family will look like idiot ducks one behind the other instead of being able to enjoy the show next to each other (and off course the more behind you are, the worst vis).
Off course when things are not going great you just HAVE to meet every moron on the road. I would prefer having some “juega vivo” that just pisses me off and I can probably lash out at, instead…I get not one but three 15km/h drivers in a residential area, with rain and no chance of passing them. Seriously? Come ON!
To make everything a little better, off course there is a giant pimple on my face, result of a stressful weekend event. Yey.
Now, writing it all down it does seem silly or dumb that im upset. But for it to be “one of those days” I just think it’s a combination of shitty things on a day or moment where you’re just not up for it. I know I can have a day like this some other time and it won’t fuck me up so bad, but today it just did. It got to me. And worst thing, instead of going to the gym and sweating half of the frustration away I just closed myself up and allowed more crappy things to happen.
Before I started writing this, after I brushed my teeth and put on my PJs and while I undid my bed, I told myself “what are you doing? You’ve had shitt SO much worst than this, you’ve had worst days than today so stop complaining”. And then I realize, I’m having a shitty day like anyone else would…my brothers death does not define or affect this one shitty day. It makes me look at it and realize, it really isn’t all that shitty. And it forces myself to be thankful for what I DO have and for the good things that surround me. To enjoy my dogs presence, who understands it’s not a good day and isn’t all crazy as usual but accompanies me with silence.
Man, I do wish he was here though…I would love to be able to talk to someone when I get home from a day like this, complain about our parents together and try to balance things out better, go with him for some frozen yogurt or to the gym.

Yea, I think this crappy shitty day just ended a little better and a little worst. It made me realize how much I MISS YOU…and it also made me realize, its just a day and tomorrow will be different with all its unpredictions and problems and I’ll just have to face


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Dear Maria or Marian I don't know your name. I've just loved your blog, and what you write about.It touched my heart the way you talk about the loss of your brother and how you praise your family. I feel the same about mine. I've found you in tje blog of a oriental girl who loves to travel alone.I'm from Fortaleza-CEARÁ-Brazil and I my facebook is Fatima Azevedo. Also have a blog but write not much lately and can't remember the log in 🙁 Will visit you again.Send all my love and many hugs to you. You sound lçike someone nice to a friend of mine. See you, Fátima


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