Long night, longer day

Sunday was…unproductive. Lying in bed, taking midday nap, going to play with the dogs and end up eating dinner with friends definitely meant there was a long night ahead. At least I was capable of saying “no” to watch MIB3 (will def. be watching it on wed).
I finished editing the pictures at 8 and then procrastinated my way to 2:30am completing a total of TWO pages (fail!). Clearly today I was extra tired at work and time flew as I tried completing mu essay. Still haven’t sent it…I would love to have some feedback before sending it tomorrow.

On the other hand, I have THREE mores day at the office!!! I think I’ve never been so excited about a day before…but May 31; I can’t wait for you to get here!! My cousin Dani got here today, I’m extremely happy about having her, I feel that I really need someone who knows me well right now to be able to talk and get some advice.

Alright, Skype time with the parents! Goodnighty!


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