Lulo Cheescake

My friend Juli gave me an early graduation present, a Lulo Cheescake! And even better, I learned how to make cheescake (it’s dangerously easy to make…which means I’ll be making lots of it!)
I have no idea what Lulo is called in english, Juli and I talked about it and she said someone told her it was called “wild apple”. In Panama they call it “naranjilla”…but really, you can make your cheescake with whatever you prefer. I personally love lulo, its super acid and delicious.
So, here goes my first recipe post!

All the ingredients necessary.
1 Egg, Lemons, Cream Cheese, Lulo (or any fruit you prefer),
Butter, Cookies (and sugar, not pictured)

Melt the butter and add the crushed cookies until the mix sticks in the pan

Cover the pan in the yummy cookie mix 

In a blender, add the cream cheese

…one egg…

…lemon juice… 

…some sugar…

and MIX.
The amount of sugar and lemon juice depends on you!
Personally, I like it more acid than sweet. 

When the mix is homogeneous and soft, pour it onto the pan 

And into the oven! The time in the oven is about 20 min, at medium heat.
Check to see when the mix is firm and bubbles appear on top, then its ready!

While the cheescake is cooking, start peeling or preparing your fruit.
With lulo, you must peel it well first and then cut it into big chunks.

Add some sugar to taste and let the fruit simmer for a while until tender and the liquid is gooey.

When the cheescake is ready let it cool for a while before adding the fruit 

Add the fruit to your cheescake and its almost ready!

Juli and I realized why lulo cheescake is never offered in restaurants,
the greenish gooey lulo doesn’t look too appetizing 

Leave to cool in the fridge!

We were extra anxious about
eating some so we put it in the freezer for a while to speed up the process.

Deliciousness…pure deliciousness.

Hope you enjoyed it, im doing another one next week but instead of lulo I will be using raspberries…can’t wait!


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