Runing into a burning building is never fun

So, ever heard of someone running into a building thats on fire with the soul idea that for some miraculously reason he might survive? No? Yea, probably not because if someone actually did that 1) they’d be dead and 2) its the stupidest shitt you could possibly do.
Well, I did it…I ran into a building on fire expecting I would be the miraculous survivor and… ended up with third degree burns (not dying though). I’m telling you this was a big ass fire…and slow burning too, people said “don’t go in!” but I was dumbfounded by its color. It had pretty and good smelling smoke too that just fooled you into believing you were safe until all of a sudden you realized you were suffocating in the nice fumes and there was not a chance of you getting out.
Good thing is, I talked to my doctor and I’ll be fine in a few days. He said “you’ve been through shitt way worst than this…you’ll be OK. In the meantime, rub some calendula on your heart to make it heal faster without scarring.”  

Yea, and if you read this after my previous post…I put my feet in the tub and it was fucking way too hot. 


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