Sensuality. It’s a funny word. Almost shameful to think of at times. Easily confused or used as sexuality…sometimes allowing a vulgar or dirty thought come into your mind when you read or say it. Sensuality. I say it in my head over and over again because I want to embrace it without shame or embarrassment. Sensuality. Defined by the dictionary as the unrestrained indulgence in sensual pleasures. In seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, hearing. The word keeps playing in my mind and my body. I feel like every cell in my body comes alive as the wind caresses my skin, the beat of the music makes my body move, my tongue passes through my sunkissed lips, I can feel fresh air flood my lungs as I inhale deeply. Sensuality. Enjoying pleasure. Embracing it. Alone. For myself. No need to do or be for anyone, because it isn’t about them – its about me. Sensuality. It’s presence, allowing yourself to let go and feel – truly feel – that beauty you have within. It hides behind insecurities and false appearances, behind this dire need for approval we’ve been programmed to search for. Sensuality. The act of being, of moving, of indulging in the now for the sake of your own personal joy and no one else’s. Sensuality. Joy. Bliss.



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