Sunday’s Rally: No More Violence Towards Women!

I finally managed to upload the pics I took from Sundays rally. I didn’t take my camera because it was a very long walk and it is too heavy, so these pics are from my iPod and not the best resolution.

It was great seeing so many people support such an important cause. Sadly here in Colombia, rallies have become a daily thing and after these events things become forgotten. I hope that the case of Rosa Elvira Cely isn’t just one more case to be forgotten but that finally violence towards women gains the importance it should have and laws are modified so murderers, rapists and abusers aren’t let free so easily (Rosa’s murderer has 2 charges of sexual abuse towards a minor and served only 3 years after the rape and murder of a woman 10 years ago).

Female police officers lined up

An artistic representation from a group of Men against “Machismo”

Doggies were present and showing support as well

Not only the case of Rosa Cely was visible, many families
showed other horrible cases that have occurred in the country
and who haven’t seen justice be done

Martina met some friends, the Weim’s name was also Martina!

“Do you thing its my fault that you hit me? NO MORE TORTURE!”

“When you abuse a woman you stop  being a man”

“Not one more,
Case of Viviam Urrego and Rosa Elvira Cely
For the two little ones who are left without their mothers”

No more violence towards women

We were obviously late for the rally so we couldn’t
march with the whole group, we only saw them walking back down

My aunt started causing some commotion 

 Awful facts:

For a year, four men raped a
12 year old girl in Villamaria (Caldas). 

While inhabitants from the town Balsa Abajo
in Boyaca celebrated a Christmas party, a 6 month baby
was raped by a drunk man and was later stopped by police
A 3 year old was raped and murdered
in the rural area of San Marcos, Sincelejo

Nati, me and Juli


“The Womens Network from the District Capital DEMAND
that violence towards women not become impune.
Violence towards woman costs much more than 10million pesos”

Nati showing support

Florence Thomas

Deaf-Mute group, rejecting any form of violence towards women

After the rally we sat down to enjoy a Capoeira Angola demonstration

I just love the police horses, they are gorgeous!

Me and Marti (half)


“A las mujeres no se les toca, ni con el pétalo de una rosa”
Women are not to be touched, not even with a rose petal.
It is a very common saying and the slogan for my aunts campaign
against violence towards women

She is such a cutie


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colegio jacarandá

gracias por dejarnos ver este movimiento que renace cada vez que vuelve a ocurrir una masacre similar…increible que no tengamos memoria!!!


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