Surprising evening

The night did not go as expected. It wasn’t crazy drinking and loud music, it was more of a chill hang out thing…However, this wasn’t the surprising part, what really surprised me was who actually came. To me, today was important. It was the celebration of my 4 years of college, of actually finishing my internship and really ending that stage of my life. I wanted to have everyone who had been a part of this piece of my life to be with me and celebrate…but most of them weren’t (including Mr. P).

Maybe I didn’t express how it was really important to me? That just proves my point that I have built these high ass walls that no one even knows me well enough to know that this is something big for me (hello, I even sent a fb invite days ago!). Pretty ironic this happens a couple of days after writing about my goals to open up more with friends, making it even harder than it already is because I just feel unimportant basically.

But, truth is, I am pretty hurt but at the same time couldn’t be happier about the people that actually came, my college buddies. Although I wasn’t particularly close to all of them throughout these years it was really great having them here, hanging out and reminiscing on stories and funny moments. With my time here in Bogotá coming to an end, I really want to take advantage of this month 1/2 to hang out with friends, making fun trips somewhere near the city and just enjoying our time together. After this everything will change, we will all be moving to different places, getting all sorts of different jobs and lifestyles so I think enjoying these last months of “vacations” would be the best possible way to spend my time here.

I’m going to bed now, its 3:30 am. Mr. P hasn’t even arrived from a bday party he was celebrating, which means I will probably have to be the one waking up in 3 hours to take Martina to her obedience training. I really hope that won’t be the case because I’m totally looking forward to enjoying my first day completely “off” (I even cleaned up kitchen tonight so I didn’t have to worry about it tommorow).


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