The crazy lady on the plane? Yes, that would be me

Yes, I am the crazy lady on the plane. For the first time in some years I was actually calm about flying, I was sad about saying goodbye to Pacho and my friends and closing that whole stage of life. So, I get on the plane almost last, my eyes puffy and my nose red from crying. I sit and i’m relaxed, read the planes magazine and put on some Adele on my ipod. After about 45min we finally start moving to the air strip, I close my eyes and try to simply not worry, aware that there will be some bumpiness while we go through the clouds (and on the way down as well).
The plane takes off and I know it has to take a sharp right after (done this route many times). Well, it wasn’t a little bumpy it was fucking AWFUL (yes, first time I use the f word on my blog…normally don’t like using bad words but its the only way I can explain how bad it was). The whole plane shook horribly, there was a “free fall” sensation and i think at that point was where I lost it, i said “jueputa!” (“fuck”) when it happened but apparenly I disnt just say it, i shouted it! The people behind me cracked up, I started crying uncontrollably, an argentinean man diagonal to me tried to calm me down, the man on my right tried to calm me down patting me on the shoulder, the woman on the other side also tried to comfort me..nothing all I could do was TRY to breath (i swear at one point I couldn’t breathe). When the ahaking and crazy wind stopped I still kept crying but calming myself sown, the argentinean man explained it was just while we passed the clouds (even though I alrady knew that) he asked if it was my first flight and i told him no but since my brother died I get very scared of flying because I don’t want anything to happen to me. He answered not to worry, my brother would be watchig over me…id he only knew every time I get on a plane all I do is ask Cris to be with me.
The lady next to me asked if i wanted some water or anyhong, i said no thanks (at this point i was still in a llittle ball position clenching to my legs). I started calmig down a bit..looking craY because i’d start giggling about the whole situation…yup, i was the crazy lady!
A stewardess who has sat in the seat in front of mine (emergeny exit) atood up and told me that everything would be ok (the same stewardess who asked me if i was feeling well when she saw me get on the plane with puffy eyes and red nose from crying). I said thanks again and started to stretch my legs, then another steward came over with some water and a while after ANOTHER came to ask if i was ok and that the pilot said it was nothing serious just a “little wind” (the Brazilian on my right said “a little? More like a lot!!”…exactly!)

So we are now half way through the flight… Ready for some bumpiness on the way down and seriously embarrassed for being the crazy ass lady on the plane who manages to get on crying and then have a panic attack in the first 5 min f flying….lets hope I don’t go crazy mode again.


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