1. Marti doctors appointment 11 a.m Monday
2. Psic. therapy 3 p.m
3. Virrey – 200mil
4. Nico, gift and note
5. Buy “Program” for Martina
6. Buy pills

7. Make a list things for sale and pictures
8. Throw out & organize: bathroom, studio, kitchen, closets!

9. 8 pictures 3×4 in color, white background, front.
10. Hoja de vida, signed and finger print
11. Call Peru embassy, ask about judicial past authentication
12. ID photocopy

Tommorow i’ll be uploading some pics from todays rally. It was great seeing so many people supporting the cause although truly heartbreaking hearing about some cases and seeing their families claiming for justice. Sadly, the justice system in this country is completely outdated and illogical in cases regarding abuse.


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