To love myself

To love myself

Is more than feeling pretty in a selfie

Getting myself a massage

Or treating myself to good lattes

To love myself

Is all that and so much more

it’s acknowledging my voice

Even when the noise is loud

It’s to call out for help

When I’m drowning in despair

To love myself

Is to be kind

To my body and soul

Respecting its pain

And embracing its needs

To love myself

Is to face my fears

Be raw and unedited

To think ‘me first’ and second

Without any guilt

To love myself

Is being honest with myself and others.

And know that this path I’m on

Has no right answer

And many wrong turns…

Which in the end turn out to be just right

To love myself

Is not easy nor fast

It’s a constant struggle

That I’m willing to have


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