To my witches

I always considered myself the kind of girl that got along better with guys. Growing up it just felt easier and more comfortable to relate to them. Looking back though, I’ve realized I have an incredible group of women that have accompanied me throughout all the different periods of life. In the past years, I have been lucky to realize the amazing power of female energy. I have surrounded myself with women that never cease to impress me, that lift me up when I am down, that make me feel proud of being able to call them my friends, co-workers, training buddies, crewmates, sisters. I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of these souls that have helped mold me, that have empowered and inspired me. I look forward to meeting more of these wonderful witches along the way. Strong, caring, independent, confident, determined, honest, open, loving human beings that have ideals, morals, missions that they live by and for. Women that share and inspire others to take action, to live by their principles, to love themselves, to be their best version. To each and every one of these special women that are a part of my life: thank you, and you can definitely count on me, always and forever!


To my witches

My bitches,

My sisters,

My mermaids.


To the loud ones,

The shy ones,

The cat called,

The body shamed,

To the free,

The merry,

Those facing fears,

Conquering insecurities,

Questioning authority.


To the enlightened,

The struggling ones,

The artists,

The engineers,

The moms,

The teachers,

To survivors,

To the wounded,

To the scarred,

To all women…


Keep rising,

Keep shinning,

Keep dancing,

Keep fighting.


Feel the light,

The music,

The fire,

We are brighter than the sun, 

and the moon combined.

Let it fill your body and soul.

No hurricane,


Or typhoon,

Will steal our thunder.


We will thrive,

Hear us roar.





THANK YOU SO MUCH! You inspire me always. love you!!


Te adoro mi sirena soñadora. Que con tus sueños has inspirado a muchas personas a realmente hacer lo q nos apasiona


Amazing!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Maria Stern

Thank you for this! I love you beautiful mermaid! Looking forward to more


Hermoso! nos hacemos escuchar! super prima


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