To old and new

I left home the beginning of May 2017. In the past 16 months I have been in over thirty flights, traveled to eight different countries, I’ve eaten with locals in rural China, danced the night on the streets of Hong Kong, seen beautiful sunsets in the most remote and pristine locations, swam with manta rays, went scuba diving with sharks, held my breath for four minutes, felt earthquakes, seen volcanoes erupt, learned to ride a scooter…but by far the most amazing part of my journey has been the people I have met.

When you are traveling and constantly on the go, relationships build and happen differently. The concept of time changes. There isn’t really an 8-5 schedule, the day of the week doesn´t really matter. It isn’t that you’re sitting around doing nothing all day, but time is experienced in a different way. That being said, when you meet someone there is no time to “waste” and talks and connections usually happen more straightforward. Conversations go deeper, and –at least for me- you start realizing that you’re not the weird one in this world and that there are many like you.

Meeting like minded people who are also on their journey -both physical and emotional- and realizing that you share many of the insecurities, aspirations and perspective towards life gives a sense of tranquility. We have a different perspective to the one that society expects us to have. And that is OK. I am in no way better or worst off than my friends that have a family, an apartment and a ‘normal’ job. It is simply not my lifestyle and being able to find people that feel that way too helps create this special connection with fellow travelers and “vagabonds”.

Since I’ve been traveling I have had some of the best and worst moments of my adult life. I’ve been up high in gratitude and joy, strong and powerful, and I’ve felt broken and hopeless. But all along this process and this journey what I can rescue the most is the people I’ve been able to share moments and thoughts with, laughs and tears, ice creams and coffee…and French fries.

My amazing group of Vagabonds that is scattered across the globe and joined by an amazing sense of community, my TDC squad that taught me how easy it is to get a laugh attack underwater, my Dragonfly gang and housemates who helped me laugh while swerving around cows in break-less bikes and heard me out through a big decision-making process of my life, my Amed family who I can’t even find words to describe but have helped me make the best from the worst, and then there are SO many more people along the way that although it might have only been a few nights, some crazy dancing, amazing conversations, a good hug, have taught me and touched my heart in one way or another.

I am so incredibly grateful for the people I have met and also for the people in my life from back home. My friends and family, who although are half a world apart, are still a huge part of my life. This time and distance has only proven to me how lucky I am to have the family and friends that I do, who care and love me for me, and who are rooting for me from every corner of the globe. To all of you, old and new, this is a little message to tell you how much I appreciate you. You might not know how important you are to me, but you should. You have been my strength when I was weak, my reason to smile when I was down, and I can only hope I can do the same for you when you need it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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