Vagabond Temple


A place where the hugs last a Little bit longer

Where Monday’s mean dancing

And amazing food you double up on because you know “its healthy”


A place where cold showers are never enough,

Where tears aren’t judged,

And new soul-friendships are formed.


A place where geckos become housemates,

Where laughter is never far,

And massages are more than skin-deep.


A place of kindness and love,

Where journals fill up faster than usual,

And everyone’s journey is respected.


A place of silence,

Where you learn to let go,

And embrace yourself.


A place with the best morning alarm,

Where yoga earns new significance,

And deep conversations flow.


A place with amazing sunsets,

Where full moons receive their ceremony,

And the fire burns your demons.


A place where time and space become yours,

Where you learn to face yourself,


Vagabond Temple,

My home away from home. 




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