Weekend Mash Up

1. I love my friends but i HATE cigarettes and smoking. Friday night we met up with some friends, they all smoke, it was cold and there were no seats in the terrace so we stayed in the living room. I ended up smelling as if I had rolled around in an ashtray, utterly disgusting. I simply don’t understand why anyone would smoke, or be addicted to anything basically. To me, being addicted to something is being weak (yes, I know addiction is a disease, but not having the guts to say no at the beginning, knowing that something is so harmful is wrong). 

2. Didn’t understand people that wore sunglasses at night and now even less. My cousin turned 24 last night and we went out to dinner, she had eye surgery and was still wearing sunglasses so we all went with sunglasses. It is seriously ridiculous that people actually go out wearing them at night – it’s impossible to read anything and seeing is simply uncomfortable. However, anyone looks hot wearing sunglasses so you’ll definitely look good in pictures!

3. Never thought seeing digital owls would be so entertaining. I’m just finishing “The Owls of Ga’Hoole” and was totally into it! Specially because of the amazing animations!

4. Finally started cleaning closet, and packing up books to send to my grandparents for safekeeping. 

She’s too cute not to feature on today’s post
Pre-surgery, being funny

24 hours after surgery, so not funny – extreme pain!

Packed books! Ready for their new home
in Cali with my grandparents

Getting dolled up

Saturdays’ outfit. First time wearing this skirt
after 2 years of owning it

The shady cousins

Love this, at El Techo in Bogotá

The b-day girl! Already 24!

Sunglass Girls
(one missing-photographer!)


Sunday morning lovin’

Cooking for fathers day, sadly not for my daddy

Fetuccini Carbonara, excelent!

This is Mr. P’s idea of a portion of salad – so wrong

Start and finish this post with my cutie-batooty!


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