Happy Birthday to Me!

This weekend was my 24th birthday, no big bash, no big celebration, just enjoying the beach, watching the olympics and eating way too much. I went to my parents friends’ house in Bijao with my parents and 2 other couples friends of my parents, it was very relaxing and sadly there was no sun so no tan but it was still great. 
I was tired on friday night so I slept a little and then at around 11:45 woke up to chat a little outside but the conversation was too heated to get in when I had just woken up…so, I went back to bed and checked my watch right when I stepped inside..it was 11.59 pm, and basically the first 10 min of my birthday I cried…I really don’t know what I was crying about but I just felt like crying. Its weird…being back home and having Panama as my “home base” but not really feeling it, my room doesn’t feel mine and I know I’ll only be here for a month so I dont feel or think that settling in has a point. Sure, my parents are here and I love being with them but its weird being in-transit…at home…I’m not unhappy, im simply kind of trying to find my place, physically, here again. Perhaps thats why this past week I’ve been so “in hiding”, I haven’t seen any of my friends yet and I feel its because im trying to find my spot, my focus, and a rythm of my day-to-day activities. I also realize that hey, I’m only here for a month, and I need to take advantage of that and see the people I care about and that care about me so starting tommorow with my bday celebration dinner I’m getting off my lazy butt and doing something about my social life, enjoying the people around me as much as I can!

Here are some pictures of the weekend, it was gray and rainy on sunday (and the rain has continued throughout the whole day today) but it was still a great birthday weekend and just what I needed.

A great way to start the day, normal and banana pancakes

These are the breakfasts I love

I love Panama

Two gorgeous ladies, an awesome friendship

The best woman in the world, my momma!

Champagne and good conversations



One year older

Thinking of you…

And this is how I enjoy spending my birthday…I’m an old lady, I know.


My birthday company

Time for dinner!

An incredibly simple and delicious recipe!

My mom struggles using my camera


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