S.A here I come!!… well..almost

I did it! My first international bank transfer…I have oficially paid both my photography and marine conservation volunteer programs, I have bought my plane tickets…and I only have like $1,000 left for, well, everything! I’m scared about the money stuff but im excited, with everything bought already I know I’m going there no matter what and I’ll worry about food and hotels during my weeks of travel laters (I’m a very cheap traveler…just ask my mom whom I made sleep at Munich airport just so we’d save the cab fare).
Now I need to get all my papers in order to send my passport out for the visa application – THAT makes me nervous, especially because I need my passport back on time to go to Bogota for my graduation. I also need to buy my insurance tommorow morning, not sure about getting normal or premium though. The difference is $50,000 vs $250,000 for coverage and like $85 difference in total so…I’ll probably get the premium, its not that much more and honestly better be safe than sorry!

I have no idea how I’ll fall asleep tonight, too excited about life! I’m gonna go give a try though, goodnight everyone!


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